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Self care is not selfish

Hi yogis, just a reminder there is no 'live' class on tomorrow at 10am (I'm doing my bridesmaid duties!)

I will be back on Monday for Relaxation Yoga at 8pm online.

A little reminder to take some time out for yourself this weekend. Looking after ourself mentally and physically is even more important now than ever - self care is not selfish!

Here's a few tips for self care this weekend

+ Write down 3 things you are looking forward to over the next month

+ Take 10 minutes to declutter and create space

+ Get cooking - Find a healthy recipe and get creative!

+ Sign up to my FREE Guided Meditation for Relaxation on Thursday 15th July at 8.30pm. This is open to everyone and will be the perfect way to relax and reset half way through the month. All you need is some space to sit or lie down comfortably and half an hour of your time to unwind!

Sign up below and a Zoom link will be emailed to you. You are all set and ready to go!

Have a great weekend and thanks for all your support,

Ruth x

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