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Crown chakra and finding bliss practice 💜🤍💜

The crown chakra chakra is the final chakra - the 7th chakra. It is also known as


The symbol associated with the Crown Chakra is a lotus flower with a thousand petals. Each petal symbolises a different aspect of our being, and when fully opened, it connects us to the divine consciousness. It is also all about finding peace within our mind as physically it is located on the top or crown of the head.

It symbolises the idea of our mind finding peace and calm.


Often referred to as the purple chakra, the Crown Chakra’s colour is violet. Violet represents purity, spirituality, and enlightenment.  

About the 7th chakra

The seventh chakra element is consciousness. It is the highest level of awareness and is said to connect us to the divine.  It is thought that once all the other 6 chakras are open we can welcome in the final chakra as complete peace and bliss.

Sound (Seed Mantra) 

The sound, or Sanskrit mantra, associated with the 7th Chakra is “Aum,” pronounced A-u-mn. It is the sound present in the universe, and can only be heard when the mind is completely still. 

Affirmations for the crown chakra

  • I deserve calm and peace in my life

  • I have clarity and peace of mind.

  • I am connected to inner peace

  • I am learning to let go and find happiness from within

Here is a full chakra/crown chakra practice- all about finding peace! Enjoy and have a wonderful bank holiday!

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