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The Heart Chakra 💚🤍💚🤍💛🌈

self love, compassion and the Heart Chakra 💚

The Heart Chakra - Anahata

The 4th chakra- the heart chakra is also known as the ‘central chakra’ with 3 chakra sitting above it and 3 below it. It is associated with the colour green, which is symbolic of transformation and change. The symbol for the heart chakra is a 12 flower lotus petal with two triangle at it’s centre to make a star.

The heart chakra anatomically includes the lungs, heart, circulatory system and is associated with the element air. It is suggested that like love, air is all around us and if we can keep this flow of love going like air, we can keep well connected to ourself and others.


When there is plentiful energy in the heart chakra you feel


-connected to friends and family

-a sense of acceptance

-able to readily forgive

-show empathy and compassion

-ready to accept change

When our heart chakra is depleted in energy or blocked you can feel

-isolated and lonely

-unable to let go of grudges

-a sense of jealousy


-it difficult to trust others

Affirmations for the heart chakra

-I am loved

-I deserve love, respect and compassion

-I forgive myself and others around me

-I am surrounded by loving energy

Poses for the heart chakra (focused around opening up at the centre of the heart)

Dancers pose- Option to use a strap to assist

Cat cow (focus on opening up through the heart)

Cobra (to open through the chest and back)

Heart openers with the arms such as

-Squeezing shoulder blades together

-Arms reaching into the air

-Bringing hands together behind you

Songs for the heart chakra

Breathe it in, let it go

The power is here now

Heart chakra - 10 minute affirmation/relaxation practice with Ruth

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Ruth x

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