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What class is best for me?

Regularly practicing yoga has many benefits. From increased focus to heightened flexibility, we all benefit differently from yoga. Have a look at the classes I teach throughout the week to see what works for you. 


Time out Tuesdays

Relax and unwind 

Final Tuesday of each month 


Wolverley Memorial Hall 



A gentle yoga class with mat work stretches and extended relaxation to help you Tune out and relax. 

Monthly- final Tuesday of each month

Suitable for complete beginners 

Intermediate yoga flow 
Gentle beginners yoga  

A gentle wake up...with or without the caffeine!


Intermediate yoga flow


Gentle beginners yoga


Wolverley Memorial Hall 




Intermediate yoga flow is focused on developing your practice further

Suitable for those with experience of yoga 

Gentle beginners yoga is a a gentle morning wake up, with standing and balance work and lying stretches.

Perfect for beginners!

NEW! Yang to Yin Mid week wind down
online yoga 

And breathe!

WEDNESDAYS 7.30-8.30pm via 'Zoom' 

This combined yang and yin yoga online class is a great unwind at the end of the day. Beginning of the practice focuses on a gentle flow and stretching and the second half includes 'yin' poses to gain the benefit of holding stretches.

Each class focuses on an intention to focus the mind and finishes with a relaxation. 

Suitable for complete beginners. 

Beginners Core Strength Vinyasa

Build strength from the inside out. Come and light up your inner fire!


Blakedown Parish Rooms, 



My Beginners Core Strength Vinyasa Class is the best way to ease you into the weekend and release the stresses of the week. With an energising flow, it will help you build strength from the inside out! Leaving you feeling energised and relaxed. 

Suitable for beginners or those with some experience of yoga.


Is there anything I need for the class?

All you need is a space to lie down, a yoga mat (or a towel) plus a few cushions or blanket.  You are ready to go!

Make yourself comfortable, grab a drink, kick the kids and cats out and get ready to just breathe. I also create a 'playlist' for the class, via Spotify. Again this is free to download if you wish to have music to your practice. 

Log into 'Zoom' approximately 5 minutes before the class starts and you will be 'admitted'.

You can either keep your video on or off during the class. 

All yogis in the class will be muted- nobody will hear you at all!


Monthly online classes for £16

Pay £16 and join me online for unlimited classes per month

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