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Yoga mats- My top three for budgets and beginners!

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

As we start to consider returning to face to face classes at the start of September, as part of many venues COVID safe policies, it is essential you bring your own equiptment to class. Take a quick look at my recommendations! There are lots out of there to choose from and it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start. I've got a selection from a few ranges so finding one that works for your budget is easy! (please note I'm not being paid to recommend these- its purely my personal thoughts!)

The budget one! - £6.99 from Decathlon plus delivery

Positives - cheap and cheerful and easy to transport around its really light weight

Negatives- its very thin! And tends to not stay very straight once rolled up for a while. Good for beginners, but not for if you are doing more than one class a week or struggle with your lower back. Doesn't come in other colours

The thick and soft one! - £32.95 plus delivery from Amazon - search Heath yoga

Positives- mats from Heath Yoga are nice and thick (6mm) and much better for people with lower back issues compared to the budget one above. Come in lots of nice colours! Very soft for mat lying down work.

Negatives- they are not great on carpet. Altough they have a non slip materal underneath, it can move around quite alot on carpet and it isnt the best for standing work as it isnt particulalry grippy. Also quite bulky when rolled up

The one thats good for balance ! - £18.95 plus delivery

Positives- this is the one I generally have used for my students in classes. Its a good all rounder, and its sticky (made from PVC foam) , so sticks well to carpet and laminate/wood floors. Its generally soft (4.5mm thickness) for lying work. Comes in lots of different colours and easy to transport.

Negatives- its quite a narrow mat in width would be the main negative for this mat.

Finally- if you are looking for a little treat for yourself the more expensive mats by Lifeforme are great. BUT! they are pricey and they can be heavy to move around (I got my 2nd hand from Ebay!)

Here is the link:

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