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This is your year!

As we begin 2022, the new year is a great time sew the seeds for new beginnings – start as you mean to go on! Creating mantras and intentions can be a great way to do this. Read on to find out more.

What are intentions?

Intentions in yoga are different to goals. An intention is about cultivating that habit or value in everyday life (for example I am going to focus this practice on creating energy and strength).

What are affirmations/mantras?

An affirmation or mantra is a short statement of truth which when repeated can help one absorb the values that we want to live in our daily lives (for example ‘I am calm’).

Here’s a few little tips on how to set intentions, create affirmations and help to have a healthy mind.

- Set an intention for the year

What one thing or feeling would you like to draw into your life in 2022? This could be one word such as ‘joy’ ‘love’ ‘self-care’ ‘calmness’ or any other words that resonate with you. Picking one word helps us to stay focused throughout the year on what really matters to us the most and what we want to prioritise in our life going forwards.

-Try writing an affirmation/mantra at the start of the week

I often create an affirmation at the start of the week on Monday. Starting this with one of the following can help such as ‘I choose’, ‘I am’, ‘I release’ ‘I let go of’ This could then follow anything you wish to draw in, or release! Examples may include ‘I have all the love and strength I need’, “My mind is relaxed and clear.” “Inhale calm, exhale tension.” “Everything I need is already within me.” This can be any words that resonate with you. Come back to this daily!

-Find 5 minutes to yourself to write it down and say it!

Repetition is key. If you can find just 5 minutes to sit and create your mantra or intention. Say it to yourself 10 times at the start of the day. Write it on a post it note, stick it on a mirror or on your fridge- somewhere that you see regularly (probably a few times a day 😊!).

-A gratitude journal

I find this really helpful, particularly when stressed or feeling overwhelmed. Grab a pen and paper and write down what you are grateful for. Starting with 3 as a minimum, perhaps working up to 10 if you can. It can be as simple as something you ate or drank, a good nights sleep, or a conversation with a friend. There is a growing body of research which suggests that focusing on what we are grateful in life, helps to promote overall wellbeing, Begin your list ‘I am grateful for’ and then listing what you are grateful for right in that moment. When done regularly in a journal, it’s also nice to come back to- it reminds you of the positive things that we often forget about on the bad days!

This is your year yogis- you've got this!

Ruth x

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