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The Root Chakra

As we are focusing on the chakras this term, here's a little bit more about chakras and the first chakra - the root chakra.

What are the chakras?

In yoga the chakras are energy channels. There are 7 main chakras in the body which run from the base of the pelvis to the crown of the head. They are associated with the major organs around each area.

The root chakra - Muladhara

The root chakra is the first chakra chakra (energy channel) and is located below the navel, around the base of the pelvis. It is know as the ‘seat of self’ and is associated with feeling stable, safe and grounded. The colour red is associated with this chakra.

If your root chakra is balanced you may feel

-stable and secure

-a sense of belonging and community

-able to connect well to yourself and others

-stable and secure

-grounded and strong

If there is an imbalance in your root chakra you may feel


-depleted of energy



-low in self esteem

-anger and rage

Affirmations for the root chakra

‘I am enough, I have enough, I know enough’

'I am grounded and strong'

'I have everything I need'

Food for the root chakra

It is thought that red coloured foods such as berries, tomatoes, red lentils are good to eat in your diet if you have an imbalance in this energy channel.

Meditations/songs for the root chakra

Here are some suggestions for meditations or songs associated with the root chakra

Root chakra meditation-

Sound for the root chakra

The sound for the root chakra is ‘lam’. Try sitting comfortably, allowing your hands to rest with your thumb and 2nd finger connecting. Take a breath in and on your exhale say with word 'lam'. Say this out loud 10 times to connect to your root chakra!

Mudra for the root chakra

The mudra (hand gesture) for the root chakra is having the thumb and second finger together (like in the picture below)

Poses for the root chakra

-Malasana (yogi squat)

Option to do with knees apart, and elbows

tucked into the inside of the knees is associated

with the root chakra.

-Supported child's pose

using a bolster or cushion infront to support.

-Goddess/temple pose

(arms in the air, or out to side).

Tomorrows yoga nidra (guided relaxation) will be focused around the root chakra.

Come and join me 8-8.45pm tomorrow evening with your PJS on and your blankets!

Book online as a single class for £4.50 here

(*Included if you have purchased January's unlimited online monthly pass- see your email for zoom link to join*)

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to guiding you through your practice,

Love Ruth x

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