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Support for Ukraine and yoga social

Hi lovely yogis, Thanks so much for joining me for classes this term at Wolverley Memorial Hall and Blakedown Parish Rooms. I thought it would be nice to have a social and catch up at the end of the Spring term. Even if you have not practiced yoga with me or are not planning on attending class that day you are still most welcome to come!

Please feel free to come to which ever social suits you best with time and location too.

Support for Ukraine

I am hearing from many of you in classes how heavy your hearts feel regarding the devastating situation in Ukraine and how helpless you feel. As part of this social if you wish to bring along donations I will take them in my car afterwards to a local drop off point.

Donations urgently needed (as of 12th March)

  • Hats, Gloves, Thermal Clothes, Emergency Foil Blankets

  • First Aid Kits - Bandages, Plasters, Antiseptic

  • Baby essentials including nappies, Formula Milk, Baby Food

  • Blankets

  • Sanitary Products

  • Torches and batteries

  • Camping Equipment - Sleeping Bags, Roll Mats, etc.

  • Any over the counter medicines

  • Hygiene products - Wipes, Deodorants, etc.

  • Thermos/Flasks

  • Power Banks

  • Camping Equipment - Sleeping Bags, Roll Mats, etc.

Here are the details of the social:

Wolverley yoga social This is on Tuesday 29th March at 12 (midday after classes) at Gil's in Wolverley. I plan to finish class at 11.30am, pack up etc and for those that can make it we can walk down together from the memorial hall. If you usually attend intermediate class I hope you can still come and join me. You are most welcome to come just for a drink or have lunch if you wish. Here is the facebook page for Gil's

Blakedown yoga social This is on Friday 1st April at 12.30pm (before class at 2pm) at The Deli in Belbroughton

You are most welcome to come just for a drink or have lunch if you wish. We will meet there and then head back to the Parish rooms for yoga at 2pm.

Here is the website for The Deli

If you could let me know if you can attend by Monday 21st March by emailing me directly at as I will let the venues know final table numbers.

(If you have already contacted me to confirm many thanks - your name is down on the list).

Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you both on and off your mats!

Ruth x

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