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On the last Friday of every month I'm sharing with you all what I have been reading, music I'm loving and podcast I have listened to! Here's my Friday thoughts for March. Let me know if you like any of my recommendations too.

What I am reading... Lunar Living - @kirsty_gallagher_ A lovely introduction to the cycles of the moon. Lots of facts and a perfect way to find out more about how cycles and seasons influence our wellbeing. It's not a cover to cover read but one to dip in and out of!

Music I am loving... I shared this in class last week - beautiful spoken word meditations all on the theme of calmness and relaxation. Some are only a few minutes long but make all the difference to calming that nervous system after a stressful day! Above and beyond (Spoken word poetry) @aboveandbeyond

Podcast I have listening to... PODCAST- I'm listening to The Maisie Hill Experience @_maisiehill_ Check out this great podcast on boundaries

What are you reading and listening to at the moment?! Happy Friday thoughts to you all

Love Ruth x

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