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Your Dharma

"Your future, your karma, your dharma rests on the thoughts and intentions you form today"

~Lama Surya Das

We have been focusing in on our dharma this week which is considered to mean 'purpose' or 'truth'- reminding us that we all have a purpose and reason for being. Here are a few thoughts on this- you may wish you take a few moments to breathe, grab a pen and paper and write down anything that comes to mind in relation to your Dharma!

Meaning of the word 'Dharma'

There are multiple meanings of the word 'Dharma' (also known as 'Dehi' or 'rightful duty') Ancient yoga texts describe dharma as an inner wisdom or your true calling. It is also associated with satya (truth). It has origins within many teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism and other religious and spiritual teachings.

'Everyone and everything is meaningful and valid'

This is the concept that we all have a purpose - not just human beings but nature, plants, animals, rocks and rivers. What things in your life give you meaning and purpose? This may be people but also furry friends and the environment around you.

Write down anything or anyone that comes to mind!

What are the barriers to finding your purpose?

We may find that fear, unwanted emotions, judgement from yourself or others cloud our vision or purpose. It may also be more practical things like time or money that feel like barriers too.

Take a moment to reflect- are there any barriers stopping you from finding your purpose or truth?

Meditation, yoga practice and journaling can help to to overcome some of those barriers.

Our Dharma is individual to us

This is based on the idea that our Dharma is unique to each person. My reason is not your reason- we can all have our own idea of what gives us purpose and meaning. That's what makes us so special! This can often be difficult - We live in a world surrounded by expectations as to how we should act, what we should 'become' or what we should have/own. Reminding ourself with the affirmation ' I have my own purpose and path' is a nice way to withdrawn from those expectations.

Our Dharma may change

As me move through life and our priorities change, so might our purpose. It is ok to change paths, go in a different direction to what was originally planned and recognise that our Dharma may change.

You may wish to take a moment to consider what advice would you give to your younger self?

This allows us to recognise that it is ok for us to be continually changing and evolving.

Further reading

Books - My Gita- Devdutt Pattanaik

With love

Ruth x

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