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Yoga in October - week 3

Welcome to Yoga in October – at the end of this week we will be half way through the month already! How are you getting on with a pose a day? This week we focus in on more balance poses including the warriers and continue our journey with the pidgeon poses in standing and on the mat!

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Day 12 – Swan/pidgoen (see supine pidoegon for warm up!)

Getting into the pose

-begin in table top position (on hands and knees)

-bring your right knee to your right elbow

-lengthen your left leg to the back of the mat

-use a pop to support under your left hip bone and encourage the right heel to start to come forwards away from under your right buttock


-works into hip external rotation


-hip surgery/replacement/hp issues

-use plenty of blocks under hips and cushioning under knees

Day 13 – Warrier 1

Getting into the pose

From standing at the top of the mat

-left foot behind you and bend your right knee

-reach your arms into the arm and lengthen through the finger tips


-stretches the hip flexor (front of the hip) on the back leg

-works to strengthen the quadricep (thigh) on supporting leg

-challenges balance


-can be taken as a low warrier – see day 6!

-bring hands onto hips or together with palms together

-Back heel can be lifted or down

Day 14 – Warrier 2

Getting into the pose

-start in Tadasana – Day 1 pose at the top of the mat

-step the left leg behind you and bend your right knee

-rotate your left big toe to face the corner of the mat to open up through the left hip

-open the right arm infront and the left behind you and look to the top of the mat


-challenges the balance

-works into the shoulders to strengthen


-use of a wall or chair beside for balance if required

-can be done sitting in a chair

-caution with knee issues- bend so knee in line with ankle or with what feels comfortable

-take stance wider for a deep hip opener or to challenge the balance further

Arm modifications:

-palms up (or down)

-hands to centre of chest or hips for balance

Day 15 – Warrier 3

Getting into the pose

-Stand at the top of the mat in Tadasana (Day 1!)

-Take the right leg behind you

-Start to lift the right leg off the floor and bring the body forwards

-keep the hands at the centre of the chest, reach arms out in front or out to the side (Flying warrior)


-Great for challenging balance


-can be done by a wall/chair

-can be done facing away from wall with leg on wall for balance

-caution with ankle injuries/instabilities/blood pressure/dizziness issues

Day 16 – Chair pose - Utkatasana

Getting into the pose

-Stand with the feet hip distance apart at the top of the mat

-Begin to bend the knees and draw the hips backwards

-Reach the arms to the ears- hold and breathe!


-Strengthens the thigh muscles

-works into the back of the hips to strengthen


-allow knees to be in line ankles

-caution with knees

-can be done with chair behind to support or hands against the wall for balance

Day 17 – Standing pidgeon Tada Kapotasana

Getting into the pose- warm up with supine Pidgeon first!

-Stand with feet hip distance apart

- place the weight on your left leg and take the right heel onto the left thigh

(try to avoid on the knee joint and place on your thigh muscle)

-Rotate your right knee out to the side

-Balance here by bending into your standing leg and bringing your upper body forwards


-works to challenge the balance

-external rotation of the hip for range of movement


-caution any hip issues/hip surgery

-option to do sitting on chair or against a wall for balance support

What's your favourite from this week?! Don't forget to tag me in your poses on Facebook or Instagram (or let me know how you are getting on!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ruth x

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