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Yoga in October - week 2

Yoga in October week 2

Many of you have said you have enjoyed a pose a day so far! Well done and keep up the dedication – I love hearing from you about how you are getting on so please do let me know.

Here are your poses from day 6 onwards! (If you missed the first 5 days click here!)

✨Medical Disclaimer: Yoga in October information is not a substitute for medical advice. All information, content, descriptions, comments, and material is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider. The use of this content is at your sole risk and please seek advice from your General Practitioner or Health Care Professional before commencing any physical activity✨

Day 6 – Low lunge / Low Warrior I / Virabhadrasana I

Getting into the pose:

-Begin from a table top position on hands and knees

-Step the right foot forwards (you can use your hand to do this) so you are kneeling on your left knee and the right foot is infront. Keep your balance here and bring the hands into prayer position or above the head (low warrier) For a stretch stay here for a few minutes or 10-20 breaths and repeat on the other side


-Stretches through the front of the hip (hip flexor muscles), challenges the balance by bringing the arms above the head


-Can be a challenge on the knees, so pad under the back knee with blanket.

-To go further we can take it into a twist (see picture)

-use a block on the inside of the foot to help stabilise and keep the balance (block placed on inside of the front foot in longways or short ways position)

-Go gently on the knees and use a chair to help support in this position if needed

Day 7 – Staff pose - Dandasana

Getting into the pose:

Begin in sitting with the legs outstretched

Hands rest in line with the hips – fingertips face forwards if comfortable to do so

-Encouraged the knees to press down and toes to draw up to sky

-Stay here for 20 breaths or longer if you are comfortable


-Stretches through the back of the legs (hamstrings and calf) and activates the thigh muscles (quadriceps) when encouraging the knees to press down to the floor

-Prepares the body for further postures (like forward fold where the body is folding down to the knees)


-Option to do against a wall to support the back (can be more gentle for your back to do this)

-Place a few blocks under the hips to encourage a deeper stretch into the back of the legs

Cautions: Any lower back, sciatica issues

Day 8 – Downward facing dog - Adho mukha svanasana

Although it’s a pose that yoga is very well known for downward facing dog can be a challenge and does require upper body strength and practice. Getting the heels down and the knees extended (straight) takes time and patience - keep working on it!

Getting into the pose:

-Start in a table top position

-Spread the finger tips wide and start to lift the knees away from the floor

-Lengthening from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head and let the head relax between the elbows.

-Stay here for 5-10 breaths (or any amount that feels comofrtable)


-Warms up the entire body- arms and legs!

-Stretches the hamstrings and calf (muscles on back of the legs)

-Works into the shoulder to help strengthen

Modifications / cautions

-Vertigo, dizziness, any blood pressure issues or head/neck issues, shoulder issues/shoulder surgery or replacements

-Once here we can bend and straighten the knees, pedal/walk out the heels/lift one leg into the air (3 legged dog!)

Day 9 - Tree Pose - Vrikshasana

Getting into the pose

-Begin in standing with toes facing forwards and hands by the side of the body. Take the weight through your right foot and begin to draw the sole of the left foot to the inside of the right leg. The sole of the foot can go below or above the knees. Keep rotating the left leg (hip) out to the side. Use a wall to help your balance! Staying here and try to balance! Repeat on the other side


-Excellent pose for improving balance and lots of modifications. Strengths through supporting leg (gluteal muscles and quadriceps muscle)


-To make it kinder for your balance, use a wall/chair to support.

-Use a block under your foot to aid balance (see picture below)

Arm options: Arms above the head, arms in prayer position centre of chest

Day 10 – Supine Pidgeon pose SUPTA KAPOTASANA

Begin lying down with the knees bend and feet resting down to the floor. Take your right heel and place it onto the left thigh. Allows the right hip/knee to rotate out to the side. Option to rest here or to go deeper interlace the fingers on the back of the left thigh and hug the left thigh towards you. Option to extend the left leg (stretching it up into the air)


- Stretches into the back of the hips (hip rotator muscles/gluteal muscles), maintains hip mobility (movement)


-Use a strap to help pull knee towards you.

-To increase to a deeper stretch place a block under the resting foot

-Previous hip surgery/replacement surgery

Day 11 – Forward fold standing – Uttanasana

Getting into the pose:

Come into standing with feet apart and soles of feet pressing down to the floor. Drop the chin to the chest and slowly roll down to reach the fingertips to the floor. Stay here encouraging length through the back of the legs and head and neck to relax


-Stretches the lower back to improve flexion (forward movement)

-Stretches the back of the legs

-Energetically allows a sense of letting go, releasing and draining away anything we don't need back to the Earth


-head/neck/blood pressure issues/dizziness/vertigo (go gently and may not want to hold for a long time)

-Options to hug onto back of legs, use blocks to let the hands rest on in front/side of the body, take hold of the big toes, take a gentle sway from side-side

Happy week 2 of Yoga in October- don't forget to tag me in your pose via social media!

With love,

Ruth x

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