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Yoga in October - Final week!

Day 26 – Malasana (Yogi Squat) - you may recognise this from class this week!

Getting into the pose

-Start in a table top position

-bring your right foot to meet your right elbow

-bring your left foot to meet your left elbow

-bring the palms together and let the elbows tuck into the knees


-stretches the hips (into rotation)

-preparation for crow pose


-can be done with bolster or blocks under the hips

-can be done with hands on the floor

Day 27 – Cow face

Getting into the pose

-Option 1: Start on the sit bone and the legs extended out infront (like staff pose day X)

-Bend and hug your right knee into your chest

-Cross the right leg over the left leg . Hold here

-Option 2: Begin to draw your left heel to your left hip bone (may need to use your hand)


-stretches back of the hip

-works into hip rotation


-previous hip surgery/hip issues

-use of towel/cushion between knees

Day 28 -Wild thing

Getting into the pose


-Start in a seated position with the legs out stretched and the hands resting by the side of the hips

-Bend your right knee and keep your right foot to the mat

-begin to press into the right hand and lift the hips away from the mat whilst starting to arch the back

-take the left arm overhead and lengthen through your left leg

-gently drop the head back and open through the chest


-Stretches the side of the body

-works into the shoulder to strengthen

-opens the chest

-extends the back

Modifications/cautions- plenty of warm up before trying!

-wrist issues/shoulder issues

-can be modified using blocks under wrists to support

-alternative option is to try reverse table top

Day 29 - Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose)

Getting into the pose

-Stand on your right leg

-bend your left knee and take hold of your left toes

-extend your left leg out Infront of you and then begin to draw the leg to the side


-challenges the balance

-stretches the hamstring

-stretches the calf


-caution with balance- use a wall or option to do pose lying down with your back on the mat

-option to use strap to help extend and lift the leg

Day 30– Dancer

Getting into the pose

Start at the top of the map of by the wall

Stand through your right leg and bend your right knee behind you

Take hold of the right outer ankle/trouser leg or use a strap

Begin to love the knee away and reach your opposite arm out in front


-challenges the balance

-stretches through the quadriceps (thigh muscle)

-extends (arches) the back


-Use a strap/belt or a wall to support for balance

Day 31 – Happy Halloween! And RELAX! Shavasana - Corpse Pose

Getting into the pose

-Begin on your back

-Relax the legs out to the corner edges of the mat

-let your hands relax by the side of the body


-done at the end of practice. Allows all the benefits of the practice to soak in- in a state of ‘bliss’ and doing nothing. Moving away from doing to simply being


Make yourself comfortable! Use of an eye bag/scarf over the eyes or blankets/cushions under head

-Option to take this in left side lying if pregnant

Thank you so much for joining me for Yoga in October. I hope you have enjoyed trying the poses and working out what modifications help you! There are plenty of other poses (there are 84 ‘classic’ poses) but many I still can’t do and am working on. Yoga doesn’t need to be about the poses – it’s all about finding what works for you! Sending you much love for November and keep on moving


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