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Timetable and classes this week!

In need of finding more creative energy, power and positivity?

We are working on the sacral chakra in classes this week to invite this in- want to know more? Come and join me! Timetable this week includes

-Monday Relaxation Yoga online 8-9pm

-Tuesday NO CLASS - Back next week 1st February (check your emails tomorrow for a recorded class instead!)

-Wednesday Yin/relaxation yoga online 7.30-8.30pm

-Friday Beginners Core Strength Vinyasa @Blakedownparish rooms 2-3pm

(X1 space available!)

-Sunday Yoga Nidra online 8-8.45pm

Book online at

I look forward to seeing you online or face to face to guide you through your practice x

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2 comentarios

Thank you Ruth for lovely classes last week 🙏 loved the music especially last nights yoga Nidra ❤️

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thanks Jackie 😘 so glad you enjoyed! It's sacral chakra yoga nidra this week yay! 🌈💛💛 💛

Me gusta
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