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The Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the 5th energy chakra in the body and located around the front of the throat. It is thought to connect the lower energy channels, to the higher energy channels in order to allow us to connect towards are spiritual being. The Throat Chakra - Vishuddha means 'to purify' and is associated with the colour blue.

When have enough energy and are balance in this channel we feel

  • Able to speak out truth and voice our opinions clearly

  • Feel confident in our voice and public speaking

  • Feel able to move freely into the head and neck area

If our energy in the throat chakra off balance we may be over or under active in this channel

  • If we are over active we may struggle to express how we feel concisely (i.e. may ramble or over talk!)

  • If it is under active you may unable to express your emotions

  • If you have imbalance in this chakra you may find physical symptoms present around the throat, ears, nose, or neck area such as tension, sore throats or tension in the jaw.

Affirmations for the throat chakra

  • “I speak and hear my truth”

  • "I do no harm with my words"

  • “I feel confident and relaxed”

  • "I am open with myself and others"

  • “I speak my truth openly and freely”

Poses for the throat chakra

Throat chakra poses are about opening up though the throat and centre of the chest.

Examples include

-Bridge pose

-Cow pose

-Fish pose

-Reverse boat pose

-camel pose

Music/sound healing for the throat chakra

The chanting sound for the Throat Chakra is ‘HAM’. As this chakra is focused around vocalisation and expression, sound is really important to connect to when you feel you are deficit in this energy centre. This could be through speaking affirmations, or through chanting or music. Even just singing!

Chants/music for the throat chakra

I look forward to sharing practice with you soon,

Ruth x

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