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The Spring Equinox

🌸"A cherry tree doesn't compare itself to others, it just blossoms" 🌸

Our focus this week in class has been around the changing season of Spring and creating balance. The spring equinox was on Sunday 20th March and signified the end of winter and the coming of Spring. It was a day with equal amount of light to dark (exactly 12 hours night time to day light) and is known as a great time to embrace new beginnings, celebrate renewal and rebirth of life and nature. 'Equi' means equal, 'nox' means night 🌓🌗

Ways to embrace the spring equinox

🌸 Take 10 minutes - what can you clear from your wardrobe or cupboards that you don't need or want? Give away (perhaps even as a donation to Ukraine). Sometimes a clear out can feel overwhelming but set a timer and see what you can get rid of in a short amount of time

🌸Create an affirmation for Spring- Make a vow to yourself - perhaps I vow to love and accept myself as I am or 'I vow to fill my life with love and joy.'

🌸 Take your yoga practice outside! Practice in nature, listen to the birds, inhale and exhale the fresh air of Spring!

🌸 In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the Gall Bladder and Liver meridians are associated with Spring. We can access this through green foods that are rich in colour such as parsley, radishes, kale, limes and lemons. What can you create with these foods?!

PS for those of you who don't know the quote is from a lovely book by James Norbury @jamesnorbury called Big Panda and Tiny Dragon.

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