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The sacral chakra 🧡❤🧡❤🧡

The sacral chakra is the second of the chakras. It is known as svadhistana and is associated with the colour orange. It is associated with the element water. The water element is all about flow, flexibility and freedom of expression when it comes to emotions and sensuality.

This energy channel has influence on the lower back, kidneys, reproductive organs and the hips.

If this channel is blocked you may feel

-lack of creativity

-lack of desire

-difficulty expressing your needs

-difficulty communicating with others

If this energy channel is in abundance you may feel

-able to express yourself freely

-full of creative ideas

-able to embrace joy, connection and sensuality

-able to connect and honour those around you

Mantras for the sacral chakra

-I am creative, radiant and beautiful

-I forgive my past and embrace every positive moment of the present

-I breathe in powerful golden light and energy

-All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory

Poses for increasing energy flow into the sacral chakra

Poses working with the hips and lower back as well as the sacrum (lower part of the pelvis!)

Poses such as pelvic tilts, cats cows and bridge are great as well as the following -

Forward fold - Wide legged: Opens the hip joints

Stand or sit with feet apart, toes pointing forwards and stretch fingertips towards the floor. Option to use a block in front to support as you reach to the floor, take your opposite arm to leg (see picture!) or interlace hands and take hands behind your back

Butterfly pose (Baddha Konasana) - Improves hip external rotation

Can be done sitting up (Like picture)

or lying down with blocks

supporting under the knees if needed.

In sitting - option to take hands to ankles or hold onto toes.

Trikonasana- Triangle pose - Stretches hamstrings and lower legs

Options to bring arm into the air, or take it onto lower back behind you

Songs for the sacral chakra

Sacral chakra – Beautiful chorus

Moudra (hand gesture) for the sacral chakra

Place your hands in your lap, with your palms facing up your right hand resting on left palm and the thumbs connecting together

Further resources

Here's a link to my FREE 10 minute sacral chakra meditation.

If you are a Energise Yoga Gold Member or Yoga on Demand member see the 'chakra balancing channel' for more recorded practices on the chakras. Log in here.

Look forward to seeing you for more practices soon and connecting with the chakras!

Love Ruth x

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