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"Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine"

Good morning yogis - another beautiful week of classes ahead both in person and online. Here is my timetable for this week commencing 16th August.

Come and join me for this Thursday for a Guided meditation for relaxation at 8.30-9pm. Simply sign up on the link below.

Monday 16th August Relaxation Yoga Online 8pm

£4.25 per person

Tuesday 17th August

Gentle beginners yoga @wolverley 10.30am - 11.30am

Wednesday 18th August Relaxation Yoga Online 7.30pm

£4.25 per person

Thursday 19th August - FREE Guided relaxation for meditation Online 8.30-9pm

Sign up at:

Friday 20th August- Outdoor Yoga 2-3pm

£5 per person

We are forecast a some rain however it may change. We will move into Blakedown Parish Rooms if the weather is bad and practice indoors instead. Come rain or shine our practice will continue!

Saturday 21st August Yoga flow Online 10am

£4.25 per person

Sunday 22nd August Rest and Restore Restorative Yoga Online 7.30-8.4pm

A gentle restorative class, where we use props from around the home like blankets and cushions to support our practice and hold poses for several minutes. The perfect way to wind down on a Sunday evening and feel rejuvenated ready for a new week ahead. £

5.50 per person

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