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Monthly recommendations! ✨

Here's my monthly recommendations for books, music, and podcasts!

📚(M)otherhood by Pragya Agrawal

This is one of the most insightful, informative, interesting reads I've read in a very long time! - all things around what it means to be a 'mother' in many forms and variations. Filled science, backed by research and told via her own journey of fertility, pregnancy, motherhood, loss, love and journey of motherhood. A fascinating read on the difficulties of this complex topic

🎵Music  I'm listening to - Fia

For an uplifting inspiring tune!

I've shared a few at the end of class recently!

🎧Podcast  - Lets Talk About Mental Health -

an Australian host who has worked as a mental health councillor talks about all things mental health. Short 30 minute episodes with easy to listen to and practical advice. The catastrophizing episode is a good one and validation too!

I'd love to know your current reads, music and podcast recommendations. Comment on this blog to share yours 💗💻💌

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