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Let's get connected! Online yoga class offerings this week and playlists

Lockdown take 2 begins! I look forward to connecting back with you all this week via online classes. I have missed seeing you and guiding you through our practice. It may feel like we have a long road ahead of us, but if we keep taking one step at a time we will get there.

Here are your playlists for this week. Our theme will be 'New Beginnings' as we embrace the month of November. My weekly face to face classes have also been converted to online, so feel free to try out a new class and see what works for you. All are suitable for beginners! If you are unsure about using 'Zoom', then I will be doing a little practice run on Tuesday 10th at 9.30am and I will email out the link. All you need to do is click on the link, and I will talk you through briefly how it works ready for your online class.

Now more than ever you need to keep being kind to yourself, your body and your soul

Much yogi love and any questions just get in touch,

Ruth x

Monday Relaxation Yoga 8pm via Zoom

Tuesday Gentle beginners yoga 10.30am via Zoom

Wednesday Relaxation Yoga 7.30pm via Zoom

Friday Beginners CSV yoga 2pm via Zoom

Saturday yoga flow 10am via Zoom

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