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Kick start and keep your yoga practice! ✨💪🏽

Struggling to start your yoga practice or find the time? I know how difficult it can be to try and maintain a regular yoga practice. Whether it's through my yoga on demand videos, in person or online classes (I also have to really create time too!) here are some tips on starting and maintaining a regular yoga practice. Read on to find out more and for your FREE 20 minute 'kick start practice' on the link below.

~ 8 Tips for keeping a regular practice

1-Plan ahead Look ahead at the week (whether that’s your paper calendar, phone or diary on the wall) and see where there is a space. Even if it’s only 20 minutes book it - physically writing it down helps. 2- Set a reminder Set an alarm to tell you your dedicated practice time is starting 3- Create the space to practice You are most likely to practice if there is space to. It might not be possible to have a dedicated yoga 'space' but even just creating a small space is helpful (for me it’s just the side of the bed). Move the washing out the way, put your mat down and have a few props ready. You are less likely to shy away from it if your mat is staring at you.

4- Be kind to yourself if it doesn’t happen.

Take a breath in, out and reschedule it. 5- Get your leggings out If I am planning to do a class, I get my yoga gear out ready. This helps me to prompt my mind that I am going to practice. I often do this the night before and it makes me practice in the mornings. Which leads me to suggest... 6- Get up 15 minutes earlier and practice in the morning Speaking as a non morning person I understand this is hard. But it’s the way I find the time to practice – even just that 20 minutes before you begin your day means you start as you mean to go on. 7- Practice even on holiday Even with summer holidays approaching, why not kick start your yoga practice on holiday in a place that is already away from the daily grind? Take a travel mat with (or even a towel) and practice somewhere different – outside, the beach, your balcony. One advantage of my Energise Yoga on Demand is that you can practice anytime anywhere! £15 a month gives you access to over 35 videos of different lengths and yoga styles. Click here for further details and to sign up 8- Try one pose a day and build up If you are struggling for time, why not commit to just one pose a day – this could literally take a few minutes. The next day you could add another pose in….and before you know it you have a short flow practice. If you are struggling for inspiration see my ‘Yoga in October’ blog posts and pick a pose. Click here for inspiration for a pose a day! 9- Practice with a friend Get a friend or partner to practice with you so you commit to it together. 10- Kick start your practice NOW Click below for your 20 minute FREE 'kickstart my yoga practice!' video!

With love, Ruth x

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