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Happy World Sleep Day!

For those of you that know me, will know I LOVE sleep! There are so many benefits to good sleep. Research suggests that good sleep health can keep your immune system strong, your cardiovascular system healthy, improve your mood and lower stress levels. If you are struggling with your sleep habits, there are some great resources to look at including

Tips to improve your sleep health

Set a regular time to sleep

Research suggests regular sleepers have better mood, psychomotor performance and academic achievement.

Dim your lights

Dimming the lights before bed allows time for the body to recognise it's time to rest. I have a bedside light with a dimmer to increase and decrease the amount of light. Light based alarm clocks are also great!

Turn off devices

Try to avoid stimulation of your brain with information before bed (we are all guilty of 'quickly' checking things). I have a timer which triggers my phone to night time mode from 10pm to reduce the blue light. This blue light can inhibit the release of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Have a good bedtime routine

Dedicating time one hour before bed to do something relaxing, such as have a bath, lighting a candle or using essential oils can be helpful.

Exercise in the day

Keeping active in the day will help you release energy and prepare for sleep in the evening. My relaxation yoga class helps with this too. So get into your PJS, wrap up warm and feel free to fall asleep in Savasana at the end of class!

I look forward to seeing you soon virtually and helping you to sleep better!

Ruth x

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