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Face yoga tomorrow!

Hi yogis, I look forward to seeing you all online tomorrow for face yoga at 9.15am followed by a yoga flow class at 10am. Face yoga is a refreshing way to start the day, and allows your skin to have some TLC. I'll be covering a mixture of facial massage techniques and facial exercises to help your skincare routines. For more information on face yoga see my blog post here

Yoga flow will be an energetic class focusing in on the 3rd chakra- the solar plexus. Think core exercises, planks and balances. The best way to start your weekend!

For face yoga you will need

-A clean face (no make up if possible)

-Clean hands

-A drink if you wish

-A light facial moisturiser of serum (not a heavy face cream)

-A comfortable place to sit with your back supported

-You may wish to wear contact lenses if you normally wear glasses

-To tie back hair from all the face including the forehead

-You may wish to wear a strap top or a t-shirt that allows you to touch around the head and neck

Book for face yoga and yoga flow

Pay As You Go Single Class- Book online here - £7 as a single class for face yoga and yoga flow including a copy of the recording for a month afterwards.

Unlimited online monthly pass - Included when purchased with February's unlimited online monthly pass for £22 (Includes 13 live classes for the month, plus recordings of all classes in February) click here

I look forward to seeing your lovely faces tomorrow- we will be glowing!

Love xxx

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