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Are you expecting this year?

Congratulations on your pregnancy!


Come and join me for pregnancy yoga classes from the comfort of your own home.

'Live' online classes will focus on preparing for birth, nurturing you and your baby through your pregnancy journey and maintaining strength and flexibility throughout your trimesters.

My 6 week online course, is suitable for those 14 weeks for more into their pregnancy.

No experience of yoga is needed. 

This is a very special time for you and your growing bump.

Come and join me and other mammas through your pregnancy journey.


I would recommend if you are doing my  6 week online course that you have 

-a yoga mat 

-some space to move and relax! 

-cushions and blankets 

-A birth ball (I will send you some recommendations if you are unsure!)




Online 'live' Pregnancy Yoga Classes

If you book the 6 week course, all sessions will be recorded and sent to you if you miss a 'live' session. 

Over the 6 week block we will focus on:

- Breathing for pregnancy and relaxation

-Building core strength during pregnancy

-Releasing the hips and the lower back

-Releasing fear and worry surrounding your pregnancy


-Use of the birth ball for labour and yoga practice

-Building energy and stamina for labour and beyond!

-Connecting with other mammas to help you feel supported throughout this wonderful journey

Please get in touch directly for further information on my next Pregnancy Yoga classes 

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Pregnancy yoga

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Is yoga safe while you are pregnant?

Yes, absolutely! 

Yoga is not only perfectly safe while you are pregnant, it is also recommended by the Government that pregnant women do yoga as a safe and beneficial exercise way to exercise. 


 As long as you are over 14 weeks pregnant, have had your first scan & your doctor hasn’t told you otherwise, you can start straight away.


Yoga helps prepare for the birthing process mentally & physically, through working on breathing techniques, strengthening and gentle movement exercises. 

For further information

I've never done yoga before.

Can I join?

Yes, definitely! No previous yoga experience is required.  Pregnancy yoga classes address the specific needs of the pregnant body. You do not need to be flexible. It's normal to feel nervous coming to your first class if you have not done yoga before, but classes are calming and energising and a great way to connect with other mammas to be!

What will I need for pregnancy yoga online?

  • A yoga or exercise mat but not totally necessary if you are on a carpet or rug

  • A yoga block - if you don't have a large hardback book is a good substitute

  • Blanket & cushions for your comfort and warmth

  • A birth ball (I can advise you on this is you are unsure!)

What are the benefits of pregnancy yoga?

  • Help you maintain a healthy weight during and after pregnancy

  • Reduce lower back pain 

  • Improve your fitness levels

  • Improve mood

  • Improve sleep

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Improve your body’s ability to cope during labour and recovery after the birth.

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Pregnancy yoga Testimonials 

Natasha, Birmingham

Ruth provided us with an educational and engaging course, where I feel I learnt about some theory and how that was linked to our yoga practice. The gentle approach to the exercises suited me really well and helped the sciatic pain I was experiencing by keeping me gently moving.


I especially found the breathing exercises helpful and the relaxation aspect of the class at the end really helped my sleep! It was lovely to meet other mothers-to-be and made me feel I wasn't on my own through this journey.


Ruth was always sure to check in before class with each individual to ensure we were all ok.


Offering this course virtually was a real bonus as I don't feel completely comfortable going out to face-to-face classes whilst being pregnant during this Covid-19 Pandemic. It has provided the opportunity to still access this support and community whilst feeling completely safe at home.


Huge thanks to Ruth for being such a wonderful teacher!! I would strongly recommend this course

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