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"Nobody can bring you peace but yourself" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Struggling to find a moment of peace? Here's a few simple tips on how to take break as a new week b


+ Breath practice

Find 5 minutes to place one hand on

your chest

and one hand around your belly and practice simply breathing in and out. You could do this in silence, with music or engage in the senses with a candle or incense.

+ Get creative with cooking

Cooking can be a great way to have a break from screen time. I love making soup with whatever I have left in the fridge. Pulses like red lentils work great to thicken a soup. If you don't have stock cubes, I use a teaspoon of gravy granules in


+Turn off your notifications

Take a day to turn off your notifications- perhaps its your what's app messages, email notification or any social media/news updates. This can help us to take a step away from the over stimulation of the world. You might notice how your mind feels that bit quieter!

+Download a free mindfulness app

Try downloading a free mindfulness app and dedicate yourself just 5 minutes a day to a try a meditation practice. Here are some free ones:

+Come and join me for a FREE Guide

d Relaxation for Mediation on Thursday 19th August 8.30pm.

All you need is a space to make yourself comfortable and zoom.

I look forward to seeing you for classes this week as we carve out some peace in the mind and body. Here is the timetable and NEW PLAYLISTS!

Monday 9th August- Relaxation Yoga 8-9pm Online

Tuesday 10th August- NO class at Wolverley Memorial Hall.

Classes re-start on Tuesday 17th August with 2 spaces available.

Wednesday 11th August- Relaxation Yoga Onl

ine 7.30-8.30pm

Saturday 14th August- No YOGA flow class 'live'

(It's my hen do!) A pre-recorded class will be emailed instead.

Wishing you a wonderful week and many thanks for all your support

You are amazing!

Ruth x

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