Hand Hygiene

How will face to face classes work?

Ensuring we return to classes safely

The safety of all my clients is the absolute priority and it is normal to have some apprehension about starting or returning to a face to face class.


Please see below for further answers to some of the questions you might have regarding face to face classes. 

What measures will be in place to minimise any risks?

-All participants will be required to bring their own equiptment to class (yoga mat and a block or a cushion are recommended)

- All participants will be required to have their yoga mat at least 1 metre apart-

(I will set out markings on the floor, to ensure we have this distance)

-Handwashing facilities and hand gel will be provided

-Participants are strongly encouraged to wear their own face mask on entering and exiting the building and if going to the toilet . You do not have to wear a face mask in the class (unless you want to) as social distancing measures are in place. 

-There is a strict cleaning regime in place. Prior to the class I will clean door handles, toilets, sinks, light switches and the floor. I will do this clean after our class has finished too. 

-Staggered start and finish times have been timetabled (15 minute cross over period)

-All payments for classes will be cashless and made only via the website. Payment for classes must be received prior to you commencing your class/classes. 

-As long as its not too cold, some windows and doors may be kept open during class. Where possible I open doors and windows in the venues prior to classes starting to allow them to air before classes begin. 

What can I do to prepare before coming to a face to face class?


-You will be required to buy your own equiptment prior to coming to class.  Click here see my blog post on yoga mat recommendations. Bringing your own water bottle is recommended too.  Try to bring minimal belongings to class

-You will be required to complete the registration form and read the safety information on the following link: 

Energise Yoga Registration Form

This ensures I have all your details for track and trace, and an emergency contact number should you feel unwell during class. It also out lines the responsibilities you have to minimise your risks. 

-Do not come to class if you are suffering with any COVID-19 related symptoms such as high temperature, a new, continuous cough, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. Do not come to class if you feel unwell with a cold or flu like symptoms. 

-Do not come to class if a member of your family/household has developed COVID-19 symptoms 

-Please do not arrive to class more than 10 minutes before the class commences, as I will not allow you into the building. This is to minimise the time we spend indoors. 

-Please ensure you arrive PROMPTLY to class ready to start the class on time. This is to ensure that social distancing is maintained throughout, and to allow the other participants in the class to relax. Unfortunately those arriving 5 minutes or later, may not be able to join in the class

-Handwash or hand gel your hands prior to entering class

-Please arrive dressed ready for yoga

-Please ensure you wipe your mat prior to commencing the class with antibacterial wipes 

What do I need to do during the class?

-Roll out your mat- and BREATHE!

Just enjoy the class!

What do I need to do after class?

-we recommend that you hand gel or handwash your hands on leaving the class.

-We ask that you leave the class promptly (via the one way system where it is in place) once the class has finished

-It may be wise to shower and change your clothes once you get home

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Energise Yoga Registration form-



For further information on guidance see: